Monday, April 23, 2018

Time for another Inventive indexing entry

(from the 1922 Michigan death cert. of Mary's daughter Hannah E MILLER nee ALLEN)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Time estimates for the four matching I1 haplogroup lineages

We now have time estimates for the new sub branches to our I-Y22033 overall Runciman SNP (this prior post refers).
They come from the new tree, version 5.03.
YFull also provide a different name for the Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton SNP branch - I-A11393, compared to FTDNA's I-A11400.
The overall I-Y22033 has moved back 50 years from 550 to 600 ybp (years before present, where present = 1950)

Annotating the above with the known information re the lineages' most distant known ancestors and the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) between the pairs on the sub branches:
Bear in mind that a SNP mutation can occur at any generation down from the MRCA to the test taker.

Looking back to the STR results to 67 markers for David (R-1) and Jerald (R-2) the 4th cousins once removed sharing I-A11399, they share 66 of the 67 tested markers, differing only on DYS481 (24 vs 25 repeats).  The Time Predictor at FTDNA shows a 71% probability of them sharing a common ancestor within 6 generations given it was known they did not share an ancestor within 4 generations.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New I1 branches for RUNCIMAN

Check out the abbreviated I1 tree in the Haplogroup section of DNASurnames, particularly the I1 RUNCIMAN branch I-Y22033 aka I-A9096

FTDNA have revised their I1 tree after analysing the 6 RUNCIMAN BigY results and we now have two subclades under I-Y22033,

  • I-A11399 for Lineage 1a (the Wanton Walls branch) and 
  • I-A11400 for Lineage 1d (Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton's branch)

Waiting for to catch up once they've analysed the remaining two BigY kits, which will be some weeks away yet, and to provide some time estimates to the new subclades.
The overall I-Y22033 branch still contains Lineages 1b (William of Crail) and 1c (Thomas of Dunbar)

As at mid Feb 2017:

where "new" shows Jerry (R-02 from Lineage 1a)'s kit as having begun processing.

We may soon have some idea of what we set out to explore with BigY testing - when did the 4 I1 yDNA STR matching lines diverge?
Currently, with four kits analysed, the estimate is after 550 ybp, ie after 1400 sometime.

To do this sort of work the pre-requisite are tested RUNCIMAN lines.
There must be more out there willing to explore at least a little to see whether or not they match any of the others, even though it is a surname with an occupational origins.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

There must be....

... more Runciman descendants interested in exploring their connections to the known lines.

Is YOUR tree listed on the One Name Study pages?
Is that line already represented in the Runciman (and variants) Surname DNA project?

If not do YOU have a:

  • direct male line Runciman male willing to take the plunge and see what science can add to our knowledge of the assorted Runciman families by testing yDNA - preferably the yDNA67 test at FamilyTreeDNA, currently on sale?
    For this test it is recommended that we have two tests per line, one each from distant cousins from the progenitor. There's not much point in testing closely related cousins/siblings/parent-child pairs for yDNA without a really good reason.
    For the first of the line to test significant subsidies may be available, along with sale vouchers that give more $$ off than the already discounted prices.


  • any descendant of anyone with a Runciman ancestor to test FamilyFinder (also on sale at the moment).
    For this one the more the merrier as the autosomal DNA (atDNA) involved is rather randomly inherited and it takes more work to prove which ancestral line a specific bit of DNA has been inherited from. Older generations best to be tested first as their DNA reaches back that extra generation or two.

If you have already tested at eg Ancestry or 23andme, which companies offer autosomal testing only, please do transfer your file to and let us know your ID there.
If already tested on FamilyTreeDNA and not already in the Runciman project there, please join.
Click here for our yDNA results there.
Analyses are available on DNASurnames, as is contact information (in page footer) 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1) Y-DNA111 markers

Three of the four BigY tested RUNCIMeN from Lineage 1 now have their yDNA STR results from the YFull analysis of their BigY files.

Those on the panel from yDNA67 to yDNA111 have now been extracted for the three so far available and included on the overall result grid on DNASurnames. also give you your closest STR matches, and it is reassuring to see that these three are their closest matches over the 400+ STRs compared - and somewhat expected given they're on their own little branch of the yDNA tree :)

From Jim (R-10)'s viewpoint:
 From David A (R-19)'s viewpoint
(Still learning here, not sure yet how to interpret the "Distance" figures

Sunday, August 7, 2016

And with a second leap ...

Processing of all four of the BigY kits for our Lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1) proceeds through YFull with the terminal SNP remaining at I-Y22033.
Behind the scenes the STR results are gradually being added which will give us the Y-DNA111 markers for all four of our representatives.

With the latest version of the YFull tree we seem to have jumped a further 200 years towards the present, as the TMRCA (time to the most recent common ancestor) is now 550 years instead of the 750 before all four had fully finished the SNP processing.

Check out the ongoing updates to the YFull tree at Yfull.

For snapshots of progress, check out the Guild hosted One Name Study pages (Media > Histories)
The current version, YFull tree 4.07 is:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Runcimans can leap centuries at a single bound !

aka BigY update.

You may recall that our matching Lineage 1 lines were stuck at a haplogroup of I-Z60*, ie negative for known subgroups, this branch of the yDNA haplogroup of mankind being given as forming 4,700 years ago, with 4,300 years to the most recent common ancestor.
Two of the lines had completed processing at YFull, and a third uploaded but not yet complete.

That's the old news.

YFull have published a revised tree:
You will note that there's a new sub branch for I-Z60.
Time to most recent common ancestor for our trio has leapt from 4,300 to "only" 750 years ago.
Lineage 1c's YF06319 has not yet completed processing but there's obviously enough information already analysed to create our own subbranch, SNP I-Y22033 which he shares with the already complete Lineage 1b (William of Crail) and 1d (Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton).

The BAM file for the fourth lineage (1a, Wanton Walls line) has now arrived, and YFull provided with the link today.

Possibly a little optimistic to expect yet another new SNP and a leap to 400 years ago?