Sunday, May 23, 2010

23rd: 1911 Census

As I was researching a family that were from Ireland*, and there weren't that many RUNCIMANs in the Irish 1911 census, a distribution map for 1910/11 has been added (1910 because the States have 1910, but UK, Ireland and Canada have 1911).
The first set of entries included show what Irish counties had RUNCIMANs - all of 3 counties, and 12 people over 7 families/households.

A RUNICMAN search engine has also been included on the site.
It is set to only search the One Name Study, the DNA Project Portal (all projects sorry, not just Runciman), their related project diaries, the summary DNA project, and my own personal web pages.

* Anyone out there with an interest in the family of Alexander RUNCIMAN and his son Christopher (marr. Anne ROSS) from Cork?
I found Christopher's son Christopher and daughter Eveline in Islington, London in 1901 when looking for someone else.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16th: Lineage 2b created

Not yet sure if we have a glitch in the Thomas & Mary (REDPATH) RUNCIMAN line or not.
Our rep for this line is haplogroup R1b1b2 but doesn't match those participants already in that haplogroup.
The prior Lineage 2 has been renamed Lineage 2a and Thomas and Mary are now Lineage 2b.
Both supplementary and summary pages have been updated to include the new results.

Given these results, the project would really like to hear from other direct male line RUNCIMANs on any of the potentially related lines to validate this, and other signatures.

To join the project, follow the information at the Summary pages Join link.
Testing is cheaper if done via the project, and subsidies may be available for eligible candidates of particularly wanted lines.
Contact the project administrator for more information.