Monday, March 7, 2016


No, not Neddie Seagoon et al, for those of you old enough to remember them.

A recent initiative by the Guild of One Name Studies (with whom the RUNCIMAN Surname One Name Study is registered) is to provide web hosting to registered members, and include maintenance of such sites when members can no longer do so.
Although this is only a trial (until Jun 2016), it seemed a good opportunity to turn my previous statement in the ONS Site About page that promised the ability for those interested in the RUNCIMAN surname to be able to contribute their own trees, in an easily replaced/refreshed format via GEDCom, instead of only my research being published on the ONS pages.
Have a read of the revised About page and see if this is for you.
It does not replace the use of WikiTree, nor the current One Name Study pages - horses for courses, each have their strengths.

That aside, the ONS pages have been refreshed, including a tweak or two to the Links page, and any revisions to lineages that wont show up in the latest changes lists.

The new GOONS version of the Runciman ONS pages have been "seeded" with the first two lineages - my Wanton Walls line, and that of Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton. More to come.
It's always an interesting exercise preparing/checking information for a new site.
Places and sources get improved, gaps you'd not noticed before get filled....