Sunday, February 21, 2010

Researcher list, Alexander the painter, Wanton Walls line

Two more of the William of Crail researchers have been added to the Researcher list.

As one was interested in whether or not Alexander RUNCIMAN the painter may or may not be connected, the painter has been included on the Notables page. Interesting how just a brief search for information on him gives conflicting information (death date, father's occupation). No conclusion reached on any connection to known lines.

In addition, the Wanton Walls lineage has had the beginnings of a descendants chart added to the Identified Family Groups - can't have William of Crail getting all the attention .
This update also includes David RUNCIMAN, D.D. from the Wanton Walls line in the Notables index.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yet another East Lothian pedigree

Patriarchs page updated to include an outline pedigree for the line of Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN who married in 1783 at Dunbar, East Lothian.
Notes about some of the family have already been included on the Runciman One Names Study (ONS) pages.
It would seem highly likely that there is a link to the family of Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) RUNCIMAN, given they were all around the same places at the same times.
Hopefully, there's a willing representative out there to join the dna project and prove this theory.
Click on the Join Project link to read about how to join, and to order a test (37 markers minimum, 67 preferred), after reading the background about DNA testing in general at the links on the top lhs of that page.
Testing is cheaper if you join via a project.

New family group posted

Another line of RUNCIMANs has been added to the "Identified Family Groups" tab, that of Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN of Dunbar and Innerwick, East Lothian.
This lot was prompted by Ros looking for someone else, picking a likely name in the phone book, and finding what looked like a Yorkshire and Durham based family who had spread their wings to Australia.
Didn't take much digging from the information supplied to trace them back to Dunbar and Innerwick in East Lothian however.
A dna candidate would be good as it looks a good guess that there would be a match to a couple of the existing lineages.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to link William of Crail and Thomas (GRIEVE) of Dunbar?

If interested in what has been updated, remember to check out the Recently Changed index in the top rhs menu.
The last updates were primarily to document the identification of possible linkages between William of Crail and the Thomas married to Alison GRIEVE.
Along with some examination of the claims that their possible father Robert may have been born in 1703 (I don't agree, for the reasons outlined on Robert's page).
Data extractions continue, with a whole 2 births registered in New Zealand up to 1854 (see the Name Distribution menu).
Also as preparation for the DNA project's Wanted! pages, more information has been provided on the descendants of the above Thomas marr. Alison GRIEVE.

Thomas & Alison (GRIEVE)

The Wanted! pages have been updated to include a descendant chart for Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) RUNCIMAN.
As stated, a participant is particularly wanted to test a theory that this line is also that of William of Crail, both being sons of Robert and Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN of Dirleton and Prestonpans.
Candidates look a little sparse on the ground at this stage.
Links are included to/from the Runciman One Name Study(ONS) as available.
Patriarchs page updated to include the outline Lineage 4 pedigree.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More of the same

As per the 8th: Name Distribution tab now also includes the name variants from a few more parishes: North Berwick (ELN), a couple from Aberdeenshire: Carnie, Aberdeen.
None to be found in Caithness, and only 1 in Ayrshire.
A couple of additions to the researcher index, and another patriarch, most definitely wanted in the DNA Project, Thomas the patriarch of the line of Sir Steven RUNCIMAN and his Sir Walter forebears.
This line, may, or may not match that of William of Crail.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Distribution/researchers/new patriarchs

Name Distribution tab now also includes the name variants from the first three East Lothian (ELN) parishes (Athelstaneford, Bolton, Dirleton).
In addition, a researcher index has been added (others welcome, contact the web mistress, link in footer of the ONS pages), and a couple more patriarchs, both represented in the DNA Project, George the patriarch of Lineage 1, the line including the Earlston Weavers and Wanton Walls farmers, and James the patriarch of Lineage 2

Sunday, February 7, 2010

7th: Name distribution

The preliminary results of my experiments on how best to show where the Runciman and variant names can now be found are on the Name Distribution tab.
Selecting an item from the legend at the left hand side of the map will open the related bubble, which contains a brief summary and a link to where more information may be found.
The first set of results are for current names in Ontario, Canada.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bit more flesh on the bones

Some placeholder entries have been included for Sir Steven Runciman and family, primarily because they are indeed some of our Notable Runcimans, and because they have not yet been included on the Patriarchs page of the DNA Project, nor represented in it.
Given their origins, it would seem likely they match up with Lineage 1c and it would be good to see if this pans out.

The next set of records being analysed for RUNCIMANs and variants are the Old Parish Records (OPR) for East Lothian births.
Check out the ongoing analysis at Runciman: ELN (SCT).

And for a bit of fun check out the Notables index for Plantagenet RUNCIMAN, who turned up in a web search today. Wonder how come he ended up with that surname?

Friday, February 5, 2010

One step further

Keep getting sidetracked as I see what can be found for the pedigree of the latest two recruits, Jim (R-7) and Kevin (R-8), but in the meantime place holders exist on the Patriarchs page, and Supplementary pages to show Ros is researching this line, and would like to verify the paper trail which links them back at John & Jean (BARRIE) RUNCIMAN of Dirleton, East Lothian (ELN), with John being the son of William & Elizabeth (JAMIESON) RUNCIMAN of Crail, Fife (FIF).
With this line's subsequent connections to Dirleton we are curious as to whether or not there will be a match to Lineage 2
The summary result page has also had a tidy up behind the scenes to make it easier to maintain, so please forgive any outstanding formatting problems as this process continues.

There must be plenty of other RUNCIMAN lines out there able to be represented to see how this jigsaw fits together, check out our Wanted! pages every so often for those particularly being sought at the moment, but even if your line is not listed there, do come and join us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd: Dimenna

Don't think it would ever get registered as a true surname variant of RUNCIMAN, but this latest inventive bit of indexing is taking rather too many liberties methinks: DIMENNA.
No wonder I had to work a bit harder to find Thomas and Louisa (SHELDON) RUNCIMAN in the 1901 census (Ely, CAM).