Sunday, August 7, 2016

And with a second leap ...

Processing of all four of the BigY kits for our Lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1) proceeds through YFull with the terminal SNP remaining at I-Y22033.
Behind the scenes the STR results are gradually being added which will give us the Y-DNA111 markers for all four of our representatives.

With the latest version of the YFull tree we seem to have jumped a further 200 years towards the present, as the TMRCA (time to the most recent common ancestor) is now 550 years instead of the 750 before all four had fully finished the SNP processing.

Check out the ongoing updates to the YFull tree at Yfull.

For snapshots of progress, check out the Guild hosted One Name Study pages (Media > Histories)
The current version, YFull tree 4.07 is: