Sunday, April 24, 2016


Thank you to the generous donations after a plea on our RUNCIMAN Group on Facebook, we have now ordered a BigY test for another of the matching I1 haplogroup lines.
That's three of the four now represented.
One, Kevin, for the William of Crail lineage 1b is fully processed and analysed and awaiting more data at YFull.
The second, David, for the Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton lineage 1d has been processed at FamilyTreeDNA where we are awaiting the file needed for the next stage of the process needed for the analysis at YFull.
And now one has been ordered for Jim, representing Thomas of Dunbar, lineage 1c.
which leaves the Wanton Walls line to be represented - next sale?
Once all four are in, hopefully before, we should have a much better idea of when these lines actually branched into our RUNCIMAN specific lines on the Y-DNA tree of mankind.
We are currently stuck at what is called I-Z60*, 3000-4500 years ago.

FamilyTreeDNA DNA day sale is on until midnight the 26th of Apr Houston time.
FamilyFinder down to $79 - anyone with RUNCIMAN ancestors within say 4-6 generations
And for direct male line RUNCIMAN descendants only:
Y-DNA37 $129
Y-DNA67 $199 (preferred over the 37 marker test for consistency with others already tested)

Great time to be in and see what you can learn, and contribute to our overall knowledge of RUNCIMAN DNA.