Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Y-DNA results on modal for I1 group

Check out the Summary DNA page for  our latest set of Y-DNA results - page down to the pedigree linked table.
Runciman (R-20), another descendant of William of Crail (lineage 1b), has tested to Y-DNA67 and turns out to be an exact match to Jerry, R-2 from lineage 1a.

Updates to other pages will follow in due course.
6th Nov update: Which they now have.
The more detailed DNA project pages on DNASurnames have also been updated, specifically  to include the new DNA result but also to adjust the overall derived DNA signature for Lineage 1 (I1 haplogroup).

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Not quite another Inventive Indexing entry, as in this case it is actually how the original document has Runciman spelt.
Thanks to Sandra for joining the dots to identify that Netty PAINE daughter of John RUNICIONAN  and "unknown", was actually Janet, daughter of John RUNCIMAN and Jean ANDERSON.
(The family emigrated from Berwickshire, sailing on the "Charlotte Harrison" which arrived in New York in July 1851, and settled in Ohio. They belong to the line of James RUNCIMAN & Agnes HERRIOT, lineage 2a on the One Name Study pages - LIH)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yes we're still here

Lack of postings doesn't mean a lack of activity.

On the Y-DNA front results are in from another line of "William of Crail", thankfully not showing any blips along the direct male line Y-DNA front.
The DNA project pages have been updated to include results for Alan (R-17).
Interestingly, still no distinct marker that can be used to identify just William of Crail's male descendants.

The recent BigY discount offering at FamilyTreeDNA has been used as an opportunity to upgrade the kit of our Lineage 1 SNP testing guineapig (Kevin) and remove the need to painstakingly test SNP by SNP as we march towards the present down the I1 haplotree.
If you recall, we had already reached down as far as Z60, which the YFull chart (follow the Z60 link) shows as having already identified some descendant branches now estimated to be only 350 YBP (years before present) - hasn't the knowledge of the tree of mankind advanced amazingly since we all started this DNA journey!
Wouldn't it be fantastic if over time we could prove when all four of the matching known lineages branched off the overall tree.

Keep an eye on both the ISOGG and the YFull trees for the advances in overall knowledge, and here for the RUNCIMAN part of it. 

A big thank you to those who made this upgrade to BigY possible via donations (always welcome - check out the contribution link on DNA Lineages).

At some stage, one of the kits in the group of matches sharing haplogroup R1 might care to do likewise as all Y-DNA trees are advancing towards the present at a great rate of knots. For R1, keep an eye on either  The Big Tree or/and the YFull R1b tree.

It is highly recommended that anyone interested in the Y-haplogroup tree join their appropriate Y-dna project as the project admins for these are highly knowledgeable about advances in these areas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Which reminds me

The recent activity (see prior post) reminds me that there is an updated phylogenetic tree showing how the Lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1) RUNCIMAN families connect via  analysis of the Y-DNA67 marker STR results.

Check out the Lineage 1 Analysis page.
Sorry you'll have to page down to interpret the R-nn numbers to their appropriate RUNCIMAN lines I've not made time to provide hotlinks on the diagram.

Updated twig

The descendant charts associated with Alexander & Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN of Meikle Pinkerton, and therefore also that of Thomas and Jane/Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN have been updated to include a newly confirmed twig down from the latter's son Thomas who married Mary REDPATH.
Descendant John has joined us in the Facebook RUNCIMAN group.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thomas (m. Jane SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN update

The overall dna grid on the Supplementary DNA pages has been updated to show the full (Y-DNA67) results for the descendant of George & Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN.

Looks like we may finally have broken the jinx of the mismatches between the assumed and papertrail descendants of Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN.
The "assumed" parentage status for the link from George to Thomas has been removed on the strength of the results to date.

Jere (R-18)and David (R-19) both match Peter (R-12) with 460 = 11, which is looking to become the defining marker for the family of Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN.

Summary result pages also updated.

Can we complete the picture for Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN with representatives from the families of Robert and Agnes (KING) RUNCIMAN and Alexander and Joan (MANDERSON) RUNCIMAN?
And another candidate from the family of William and Janet (PAXTON) RUNCIMAN?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And now for George

Y-DNA results are beginning to arrive in for the descendant of George & Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN who kindly agreed to be a representative for this line.

Early days, but so far we do know that he is a 12/12 match to all bar one of Lineage 1 (11/12 to another of the lines assumed to be down from Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN).

Follow progress at the overall dna result grid.

Intriguingly he is also showing a FamilyFinder match to two of those in the RUNCIMAN project, Kevin (R-8) in Lineage 1b and RJW (R-11) in Lineage 1c.
Way more work needed to figure out whether this match is just coincidence (Identical by State rather than Descent) and whether or not the match is actually on the RUNCIMAN line.

Should any RUNCIMAN descendant wish to add to our data, but feel excluded by the fact that they are not from the direct male line, don't despair, register for the Runciman Surname DNA project and order a FamilyFinder test.
Who knows what connections might be revealed!