Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Which reminds me

The recent activity (see prior post) reminds me that there is an updated phylogenetic tree showing how the Lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1) RUNCIMAN families connect via  analysis of the Y-DNA67 marker STR results.

Check out the Lineage 1 Analysis page.
Sorry you'll have to page down to interpret the R-nn numbers to their appropriate RUNCIMAN lines I've not made time to provide hotlinks on the diagram.

Updated twig

The descendant charts associated with Alexander & Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN of Meikle Pinkerton, and therefore also that of Thomas and Jane/Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN have been updated to include a newly confirmed twig down from the latter's son Thomas who married Mary REDPATH.
Descendant John has joined us in the Facebook RUNCIMAN group.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thomas (m. Jane SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN update

The overall dna grid on the Supplementary DNA pages has been updated to show the full (Y-DNA67) results for the descendant of George & Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN.

Looks like we may finally have broken the jinx of the mismatches between the assumed and papertrail descendants of Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN.
The "assumed" parentage status for the link from George to Thomas has been removed on the strength of the results to date.

Jere (R-18)and David (R-19) both match Peter (R-12) with 460 = 11, which is looking to become the defining marker for the family of Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN.

Summary result pages also updated.

Can we complete the picture for Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN with representatives from the families of Robert and Agnes (KING) RUNCIMAN and Alexander and Joan (MANDERSON) RUNCIMAN?
And another candidate from the family of William and Janet (PAXTON) RUNCIMAN?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And now for George

Y-DNA results are beginning to arrive in for the descendant of George & Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN who kindly agreed to be a representative for this line.

Early days, but so far we do know that he is a 12/12 match to all bar one of Lineage 1 (11/12 to another of the lines assumed to be down from Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN).

Follow progress at the overall dna result grid.

Intriguingly he is also showing a FamilyFinder match to two of those in the RUNCIMAN project, Kevin (R-8) in Lineage 1b and RJW (R-11) in Lineage 1c.
Way more work needed to figure out whether this match is just coincidence (Identical by State rather than Descent) and whether or not the match is actually on the RUNCIMAN line.

Should any RUNCIMAN descendant wish to add to our data, but feel excluded by the fact that they are not from the direct male line, don't despair, register for the Runciman Surname DNA project and order a FamilyFinder test.
Who knows what connections might be revealed!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Slowly but surely

All good things take time.

The Runciman Surname DNA project result set has grown by one.

The conundrum of which families belong to Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN has had some light shone on it with our latest set of results.

We have another Lineage 1 match, which looks to confirm that Thomas and Mary (REDPATH) RUNCIMAN definitely do belong, despite past results.

For now, only the Summary WFN result page has been updated but the other pages will follow.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Notable or Notorious?

 Another candidate has been added to the Notables collection, which also covers the Notorious - which latter category the latest addition belongs to.
Check out the very brief summary of the career of William Woodman RUNCIMAN aka Sir Grenville Louis John TEMPLE.

We'll also add RIMERMAN to the inventive indexing collection.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Inventive indexing ctd

A couple of census entries for a RUNCIEMAN family were rather elusive on both ancestry and findmypast.
1841 indexed as RUNCAROW on findmypast and NUNCOMAN on ancestry
1851 indexed as REMCIEMAN on both sites.
Corrections lodged.