Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't be fooled

The latest lineage changes listed are mostly because of cosmetic changes rather than any exciting new finds.
Some descendant charts will however have more twigs.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

John Broome RUNCIMAN ++

The Lineages section of the Runciman One Name Study has been fully refreshed.
Although the latest changes index doesn't show many updates, the published trees will have new twigs which should now be included in the site search.

The main visible change is the research around the family of John Broome RUNCIMAN, son of George, the army family without a home in the known lineages.
As posted in the Runciman group on Facebook, Alan found George's marriage cert. online which enabled him to join him to the Duddingston family of "Convict John".

Further research on George and family brought in three siblings for John Broome RUNCIMAN.
There are HENDERSON descendants of his sister Frances in both Canada and Australia.
Still looking to see what happened to his brother Norman though
Norman RUNCIMAN born 1876 in Malta, engine fitter, last sighted heading for New York in 1923, US address friend: James HUTTON; the Bronx; relative back in Scotland: wife Mrs Elizabeth RUNCIMAN of 31 Earl St, Scotstoun.
Any sightings anyone?

The family proved an interesting research exercise illustrating the perils of relying solely on eg Ancestry census indexes - see this blog post for further details.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The year 1605?

PS the dry as dust technical post announcing the updated analysis page can be translated to:

Statistical analysis of our Y-DNA results for the Haplogroup I1 matching lineages: David of Wanton Walls, William of Crail, Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton, and Thomas & Alison (GREIVE) RUNCIMAN show that it is likely that the common ancestor of all 4 matching lineages was born around 1605.
Given we have William of Crail's ancestry tentatively back to around 1675, that's roughly 3 or 4 generations - which paper trail we are unlikely to find unfortunately.
However, leaving Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton out of the mix, the shared ancestor between the other three lineages is nearer 1695. 

Haplogroup I1 analysis

The supplementary DNA page for the analysis of the I1 haplogroup Runcimans has been updated to include a phylogenetic tree, and an update to where we're currently at with SNP testing, ie the march towards the present down the haplogroup descendant tree of mankind.
The next step is being organized, watch this space.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Anniversary commemoration, May 2015

On 16 May 2015, the descendants of William of Crail (Lineage 1b) are invited to join those commemorating the anniversary of his death in a fishing disaster.
Further information available on the WikiTree page for this fishing disaster.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Monumental error!

(Thank you Alan for the phrase.)

Those of you checking off the more recent updates may notice Jane(t) RUNCIMAN nee PREACHER/PRITCHARD's page, with picture of her headstone in the Peebles Cemetery.

This has been included for a reason.
Her SKINNER surname is rather misleading.
I've concluded that the headstone has to have been erected long after the fact, and that her death cert. was used to derive her maiden name, but rather hurriedly read.
Jane's father was a Thomas PRITCHARD, his occupation given on Jane's 1904 death certificate was skinner (journeyman).
The photo did send us all scurrying to our records to review our data, but as Jane is baptised to the correct parents as Janet PREACHER, appears as such in the 1841 census with her father Thomas, is indexed at her 1847 marriage to Charles as PRITCHARD, and her death is indexed as Jane RUNCIMAN, other surname PRITCHARD, I think it is reasonably certain that her name was not SKINNER.

Yes, I've been using capitals for the surnames intentionally here, although I do not always do so. Pity the death certificate didn't.
Or perhaps there's a family story yet to come to light?

ONS lineage section update

Along with the One Name Study updates mentioned in the last post, the lineages section has also been republished to bring it up to date with the (few) published updates from the last few months.
Yes there has been a lot of activity, but most of it has been behind the scenes, eg trying to identify dna matches from respective FamilyFinder results.
Yes we are still very much interested in finding direct male line dna representatives for the assorted RUNCIMAN lines either with puzzles, or yet to be represented, but these days we aren't as restricted to Y-DNA for our DNA findings.  

Read about the various tests and join the project here.
Y-DNA 37 is our recommended minimum for the direct male line, although Y-DNA 67 is preferred. The project also welcomes anyone with a RUNCIMAN, or variant surname, in their ancestry to join us and do the FamilyFinder test.  Although this latter s a far less direct way to prove connections there are a growing number of us with results able to be compared and all data is grist to the RUNCIMAN dna mill.