Sunday, August 7, 2016

And with a second leap ...

Processing of all four of the BigY kits for our Lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1) proceeds through YFull with the terminal SNP remaining at I-Y22033.
Behind the scenes the STR results are gradually being added which will give us the Y-DNA111 markers for all four of our representatives.

With the latest version of the YFull tree we seem to have jumped a further 200 years towards the present, as the TMRCA (time to the most recent common ancestor) is now 550 years instead of the 750 before all four had fully finished the SNP processing.

Check out the ongoing updates to the YFull tree at Yfull.

For snapshots of progress, check out the Guild hosted One Name Study pages (Media > Histories)
The current version, YFull tree 4.07 is:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Runcimans can leap centuries at a single bound !

aka BigY update.

You may recall that our matching Lineage 1 lines were stuck at a haplogroup of I-Z60*, ie negative for known subgroups, this branch of the yDNA haplogroup of mankind being given as forming 4,700 years ago, with 4,300 years to the most recent common ancestor.
Two of the lines had completed processing at YFull, and a third uploaded but not yet complete.

That's the old news.

YFull have published a revised tree:
You will note that there's a new sub branch for I-Z60.
Time to most recent common ancestor for our trio has leapt from 4,300 to "only" 750 years ago.
Lineage 1c's YF06319 has not yet completed processing but there's obviously enough information already analysed to create our own subbranch, SNP I-Y22033 which he shares with the already complete Lineage 1b (William of Crail) and 1d (Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton).

The BAM file for the fourth lineage (1a, Wanton Walls line) has now arrived, and YFull provided with the link today.

Possibly a little optimistic to expect yet another new SNP and a leap to 400 years ago?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

BigY update/Sale time

Two of the BigY kits have now completed at least their preliminary placement on the tree.
Still both at I-Z60*.
The third, Jim (R-10) 's has only just started processing atYFull.
Our fourth BigY test results are expected next month from FTDNA.

David's has yet to finish the remainder of the processing at YFull, and the YFull tree version recently published only included kits prior to his, so we still live in hope that refinements of the I-Z60 tree will ensue.

All of this activity is on the matching RUNCIAMN lineages in the I1 haplogroup.

What about the R1b RUNCIMANs?
The current Father's day sale at FamilyTreeDNA would be a good time to get all at at least the same level of testing (Y-DNA67) for better comparisons.

Or for any unrepresented branches to venture forth.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Thank you to the generous donations after a plea on our RUNCIMAN Group on Facebook, we have now ordered a BigY test for another of the matching I1 haplogroup lines.
That's three of the four now represented.
One, Kevin, for the William of Crail lineage 1b is fully processed and analysed and awaiting more data at YFull.
The second, David, for the Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton lineage 1d has been processed at FamilyTreeDNA where we are awaiting the file needed for the next stage of the process needed for the analysis at YFull.
And now one has been ordered for Jim, representing Thomas of Dunbar, lineage 1c.
which leaves the Wanton Walls line to be represented - next sale?
Once all four are in, hopefully before, we should have a much better idea of when these lines actually branched into our RUNCIMAN specific lines on the Y-DNA tree of mankind.
We are currently stuck at what is called I-Z60*, 3000-4500 years ago.

FamilyTreeDNA DNA day sale is on until midnight the 26th of Apr Houston time.
FamilyFinder down to $79 - anyone with RUNCIMAN ancestors within say 4-6 generations
And for direct male line RUNCIMAN descendants only:
Y-DNA37 $129
Y-DNA67 $199 (preferred over the 37 marker test for consistency with others already tested)

Great time to be in and see what you can learn, and contribute to our overall knowledge of RUNCIMAN DNA.

Monday, March 7, 2016


No, not Neddie Seagoon et al, for those of you old enough to remember them.

A recent initiative by the Guild of One Name Studies (with whom the RUNCIMAN Surname One Name Study is registered) is to provide web hosting to registered members, and include maintenance of such sites when members can no longer do so.
Although this is only a trial (until Jun 2016), it seemed a good opportunity to turn my previous statement in the ONS Site About page that promised the ability for those interested in the RUNCIMAN surname to be able to contribute their own trees, in an easily replaced/refreshed format via GEDCom, instead of only my research being published on the ONS pages.
Have a read of the revised About page and see if this is for you.
It does not replace the use of WikiTree, nor the current One Name Study pages - horses for courses, each have their strengths.

That aside, the ONS pages have been refreshed, including a tweak or two to the Links page, and any revisions to lineages that wont show up in the latest changes lists.

The new GOONS version of the Runciman ONS pages have been "seeded" with the first two lineages - my Wanton Walls line, and that of Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton. More to come.
It's always an interesting exercise preparing/checking information for a new site.
Places and sources get improved, gaps you'd not noticed before get filled....

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Nothing like an update to include a list of unidentified RUNCIMANs from the 1851 census to spur the research.
The following day Ann RUNCIMAN was placed into the family I believe she most likely belongs to, and removed from the list.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lineage site update

Don't get too excited by the changes shown under Recent Changes > Latest Lineage Changes
Most, if not all, are part of a tidyup to ensure WikiTree is the WebLink provided given that's where most of our collaborative RUNCIMAN activity is these days.

Have YOU included your RUNCIMAN data there and connected up your pedigree to any existing trees as appropriate?

The Descendant Charts however are likely to contain updates, just not indexed as such, and you will notice that each place mentioned on a person's page now has little place icons.
If two icons exist they should work well, the first to Google maps, the second to OpenStreetMap, but if there's only one, it's currently a bit hit or miss as to where you'll land up in the world  - being worked on :)