Monday, November 22, 2010

22nd: Alexander = Alexander; Indexing inventiveness

The patriarch page summary for John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN has been updated to add a few twigs and combine the two Alexanders.
In addition a link has been included for John to his page in the RUNCIMAN One Name Study, where there are a few notes for both John and the one, or two, Alexanders, together with a descendant chart.
Suspect that if dna participants were found, that even if descendants from both of the partners of Alexander matched, that they would not necessarily match the currently defined lineages.
Their ancestry appears to go back some generations in Perthshire, and as RUNCIMAN is believed to be an occupational surname, it seems unlikely that they would match the Borders/Lothian lineages.

Inventive indexing prizes today go to ancestry census transcribers:
Breniman and Raucreman made it a bit more of a challenge to find some of the above RUNCIMAN families.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

21st: Perthshire; Lineage renumbering

Patriarchs page has had another update - realised the family of John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN wasn't included. It now is, with at least one of the many Robert Munro RUNCIMANs that seem to exist. Not sure how many chaps of this name do exist, but there appear to be several over several generations, or possibly several married more than once.
The associated places for these gentlemen are: Coupar (Angus), Edinburgh, Hamilton (Lanarkshire), Gosport, Bedwellty (Glamorgan), Waltham Forest, Epping;
and associated wives' surnames: BRODIE, SANGSTER, JEFFERY, PUGH.
Should a descendant of any of these be willing to join the dna project, the line in New South Wales, which is believed to have "daughtered" out, would love to hear from you to help place this lineage into the jigsaw.

In addition to the update above, Lineage 1's charts have been tidied up a bit (more to come) to incorporate the William of Crail and Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) RUNCIMAN lines into the one from Robert & Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN.
This does mean a change to lineage numbers, this being renumbered to Lineage 1b. (May not be reflected on the supplementary pages as yet).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

20th: Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN

Patriarchs page has been uploaded to include a few more twigs on the summary chart for the families believed to belong to Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN
The DNA project is still looking for a representatives from each of their sons (apart from John), to try and confirm the families do indeed fit together as shown.
Should you know of any direct male line RUNCIMAN who may be interested in helping the project we would love to hear from you.
Contact links on the bottom of the project pages.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18th: Welcome

Decided to rationalise the project diaries for the RUNCIMAN DNA and One Name Study projects into the one.

History has been migrated, but the old blogs remain in place in case any links point at them - however they have not been edited to ensure it is clear whether they reference the DNA or the ONS project, which remain, and will continue to remain, on separate web pages.

Friday, November 5, 2010

4th: George & Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN

Took a while, but the family of Alexander & Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN mentioned as beginning to be included back in June, has now had some of the branch of George and Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN included, with links to the researcher(s) and dna pages as appropriate.
Most of the others mentioned on the Recently changed page are merely there because their source data references were checked and tidied up.

An even briefer descendant summary for George and Janet's family has also been included on the DNA Summary Patriarchs page, oriented to lines who may be able to furnish a dna project representative for this line (ie a direct male line RUNCIMAN descendant of George).

Thursday, November 4, 2010


A very brief descendant summary for the family of George and Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN has now been included on the DNA Summary Patriarchs page.
As it is oriented to lines who may be able to furnish a dna project representative for this line (ie a direct male line RUNCIMAN descendant of George) those interested in some of the others in the family may care to look at the RUNCIMAN One Name Study pages instead where a slightly fuller chart, but still incomplete, is included.