Monday, March 5, 2012


We have a 65/67 match* with a RICHMOND that should bear examination. Family information known, yet to be explored, is that an Andrew, born about 1807 in Scotland, turned up in New York, where there was a son Alexander born in 1845.

* 65/67 to what is shaping up as the modal dna signature for Lineage 1, that of Jerry (R-2)

DNA Surnames update

DNA Surnames has been fully republished, with yet more of the RUNCIMAN data that really belongs on the One Name Study pages now being either shifted to there, or linked to from there, particularly for descendancy charts.
Some DNA conclusions have been updated to reflect current results and matches.

Michigan RUNCIMANs

As mentioned in passing on the Rootsweb RUNCIMAN Mailing List, the mystery of exactly how the Michigan families connect to the Wanton Walls line, and to each other has been solved.
 Family stories say that a brother went to London, died young, and the young children were brought up at Wanton Walls. Some stories say that James and William were cousins, some say they were brothers.
James (marr. CARTER) and William (marr. BROWN)  are indeed brothers, not cousins, and the children at Wanton Walls at the time would be their cousins. Wonder what happened to their mother Mary Ann HILL?

Lineage 1a has therefore been re-connected to remove the place-holder generation that linked James and William as cousins and linked them to their genetic match to the Wanton Walls line.

The research behind this also brought into Lineage 1a the family of bakers at Lauder, John & Mary (DICKSON) RUNCIMAN, from whom we knew that a couple by the name of William & Mary Ann (HILL) RUNCIMAN existed, as John's death cert. provided that info, along with the fact that William was also a baker. Which very usefully tied in to the wonderful London records now available online via ancestry which showed a baker William RUNCIMAN in Shoe Lane, St Bride Fleet St, London.
Who obligingly baptised his children (by three wives!), and which parish clerk/minister obligingly scribbled beside most of the entries "30 Shoe Lane" or variants thereof.

Check the revised Lineage 1a descendancy chart out, as it contains the links to most of the above mentioned people. The DNA Signature chart has also been re-connected to reflect the recent findings.