Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mapping UK births

The following picture is more an indication of where my lineage searching has taken me than an accurate portrayal of where all the actual RUNCIMANs (and variants) were born in the UK (sorry, the package being used for this only covers the UK - extending this mapping approach to the rest of the world is a work in progress, as is this UK one).

The methodology used was simply to take all R*N*M*N* primary names in my database, export a gedcom to GenMap, and map the births to counties (pre-1974 boundaries).
As yet, all the places from the database that turned out to be too ambiguous or incomplete for GenMap to recognise have not been investigated, but I was pleased enough with the preliminary result I decided to include it here.

The darker the green, the more births that occurred in the County. Given the preliminary nature of this, the key showing the actual numbers is not included.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New DNA result

Preliminary (12 marker) results are in for our newest participant (R-16).
They show an 11/12 match with Lineage 1, so likely to be haplogroup I1, but as yet too early to show how close the relationship might be.
The overall result grid on DNA Surnames has been updated to reflect the results to date, and the summary result grid on WorldFamilies will automatically be updated with each change received.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It was granddad!

Some excellent digging in the Scottish archives has given us a breakthru on the line of William of Crail.
We knew that William's orphaned children had been brought up by a Richard RUNCIMAN of North Berwick after his fishing disaster - but not how Richard was/might be related.

Phyllis has found the documentation that showed he was their grandfather.

Webpages yet to be updated to reflect this, and the new results that the feverish digging that is happening as a result.
Current candidate for the correct Richard is the one married to Janet GOURLAY, albeit that their William is slightly on the young side IF he was baptized shortly after birth.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

An army twig or two

Realised that the family of John Broome RUNCIMAN had not been included on the One Name Study pages. Remedied.
His mother has now been named, thanks to additional Irish indexes on Ancestry, which enabled the English marriage of George RUNCIMAN and Mary DUGGAN to be found, at Aldershot, but we have, as yet, no idea of where George originated. Does anyone? Certainly the descendants can claim birthplaces reflecting George and John's army careers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1851 mismatches

Picking up work started a year ago on RUNCIMAN, and variant, surnames in the UK 1851 census is proving an interesting exercise.
The FindMyPast "and variants" option had netted 324 individuals after correction for duplication, - 253 in Scotland, the remainder in England.
This time round, was searched for R*N*M*N* individuals in Scotland - 291.
So a bit of reconciliation required.

So far "and variants" has been found not to include RUNSIMAN or RUNCIMANN, but that only added 18 to the FindMyPast Scottish total.
Interesting indexing on ancestry has not come as a surprise, all being found indexed on either FindMyPast or FreeCen as per the entries in brackets: Rensiman, Runniman, (both as Runsiman elsewhere), Runssmen, Runesmen (both as Runcimen),  Runsdimann (Runcimann), Runaman, Ranciman, Ranshman, Runthman (all as Runciman).
Still a few more unusual looking interpretations of RUNCIMAN to investigate, but in the process, new twigs have been found for at least the following trees, possibly others: