Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1851 mismatches

Picking up work started a year ago on RUNCIMAN, and variant, surnames in the UK 1851 census is proving an interesting exercise.
The FindMyPast "and variants" option had netted 324 individuals after correction for duplication, - 253 in Scotland, the remainder in England.
This time round, ancestry.com was searched for R*N*M*N* individuals in Scotland - 291.
So a bit of reconciliation required.

So far "and variants" has been found not to include RUNSIMAN or RUNCIMANN, but that only added 18 to the FindMyPast Scottish total.
Interesting indexing on ancestry has not come as a surprise, all being found indexed on either FindMyPast or FreeCen as per the entries in brackets: Rensiman, Runniman, (both as Runsiman elsewhere), Runssmen, Runesmen (both as Runcimen),  Runsdimann (Runcimann), Runaman, Ranciman, Ranshman, Runthman (all as Runciman).
Still a few more unusual looking interpretations of RUNCIMAN to investigate, but in the process, new twigs have been found for at least the following trees, possibly others:

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