Monday, April 10, 2017

Time estimates for the four matching I1 haplogroup lineages

We now have time estimates for the new sub branches to our I-Y22033 overall Runciman SNP (this prior post refers).
They come from the new tree, version 5.03.
YFull also provide a different name for the Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton SNP branch - I-A11393, compared to FTDNA's I-A11400.
The overall I-Y22033 has moved back 50 years from 550 to 600 ybp (years before present, where present = 1950)

Annotating the above with the known information re the lineages' most distant known ancestors and the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) between the pairs on the sub branches:
Bear in mind that a SNP mutation can occur at any generation down from the MRCA to the test taker.

Looking back to the STR results to 67 markers for David (R-1) and Jerald (R-2) the 4th cousins once removed sharing I-A11399, they share 66 of the 67 tested markers, differing only on DYS481 (24 vs 25 repeats).  The Time Predictor at FTDNA shows a 71% probability of them sharing a common ancestor within 6 generations given it was known they did not share an ancestor within 4 generations.