Sunday, February 24, 2013

Entry level Y-DNA discount

Has the cost of DNA testing been the only thing putting you off joining in the fun and helping us explore whether or not assorted RUNCIMAN lines are connected?

Family Tree DNA have announced a heavy promotional discount for their Y-DNA12 test, Normal price $99 US, discount offer $39 US.

This is an excellent price for this entry level test to begin exploring your connections to other RUNCIMANs (follow the sidebar links for results to date).

Be in and begin an exciting journey.

Direct male line RUNCIMANs are welcome to join the RUNCIMAN project by following this link to order the Y-DNA12 test for $39 US and join the project at the same time.

This level of test will really only tell you your deeper ancestry (1000s of years ago), but once tested, you will become as hooked as the rest of us.

Upgrades are always possible, with at least Y-DNA37 begin useful for exploring family connections within genealogical timeframes.

This test is for males only, so if female, find a brother, cousin, father, uncle etc to test on behalf of the family.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting there

The One Name Study lineage pages have had an update, primarily for the William of Crail change of tack, which brings in at least a couple of generations earlier in North Berwick (East Lothian).

Other changes include tweaks in some of the lineages (which wont show up on the Recently Changed index).
There may be more, but at least in the following charts:

Monday, February 4, 2013

William of Crail

One Name Study lineage pages have (finally) been fully republished, primarily to include the updates made necessary by the sterling work of Phyllis and Allan from their visit to the National Archives that settled once and for all the relationship between William of Crail, and the mysterious Richard who brought up his orphaned children (see It was Grandad!).
There are undoubtedly some rough edges yet to be tidied up, and the DNA project supplementary pages have yet to be brought in line with this change of tack

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The other convict

Flushed with the success of identifying convict John, attention turned to Ruth the other Tasmanian convict (1831).
Supposedly Scottish, she looks rather more likely to be the Ruth born Berwick upon Tweed to Richard and Jane (SANDERSON) RUNCHMAN.
Whether Richard is from Scotland, or belongs to the other Cornhill families may never be determined.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Convict John

Our "Australia royalty" rep has now been identified - thanks to the power of teamwork - and included in the Notables index , remembering that the index points readers to both notable AND notorious RUNCIMANs.
Upon re-examination,  with the passage of time and accumulation of more information, John's convict record had sufficient information to indicate he was the John born Duddingston (Edinburgh) to James and Mary (THOMSON) RUNCIMAN,.
This family was being researched for the mysterious George who  appears in the 1851 census as unmarried, with sister-in-law Isabella (nee STEWART), and assorted nieces and nephews.
Isabella is later documented as George's wife with both of them showing as parents of at least one of the "nieces & nephews" from the 1851 census - and they probably were, given Isabella's husband John was  in Tasmania when most were born!
Fate of John beyond his 1851 release is unknown.  Also unknown are the fates of his documented other son James born Cape of Good Hope, and possible other "wife" Elizabeth.