Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15th: Lucky 13th

The DNA project has its 13th kit on order
As a consequence, slight tweaks have been made to the Patriarchs page to show where he is expected to fit - you'll need to scroll up to see the pedigree - which has also had "representative wanted" added to lines still requiring clarification for the likely overall pedigree for Alexander and Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN of Meikle Pinkerton, East Lothian.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12th: Time to join in

If you've been considering what genetic genealogy can do for your research, now is a great time to be in. Family Tree DNA have announced discounts available to kits ordered via a project.

FYI the sale prices are:

Price for NEW KITS: Regular Price (Promotional Price)
YDNA37 $149 ($119)
YDNA67 $239 ($199)
mtDNAPlus $159 ($129)
Family Finder $289 ($249)
Price for UPGRADE:
Family Finder $289 ($229)

Orders must be in and paid for by Dec. 31, 2010, to receive this offer.

Any questions, just ask.
Otherwise simply follow the order test link to make sure any order is included in the project at the discount prices.
For testing matches to other lines, Y-DNA37 is the minimum of any real use, but Y-DNA67 would be even better.
For lines not yet represented in the project, or requiring clarification, a subsidy may be available.
Contact links on the footers of most project pages.

Monday, November 22, 2010

22nd: Alexander = Alexander; Indexing inventiveness

The patriarch page summary for John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN has been updated to add a few twigs and combine the two Alexanders.
In addition a link has been included for John to his page in the RUNCIMAN One Name Study, where there are a few notes for both John and the one, or two, Alexanders, together with a descendant chart.
Suspect that if dna participants were found, that even if descendants from both of the partners of Alexander matched, that they would not necessarily match the currently defined lineages.
Their ancestry appears to go back some generations in Perthshire, and as RUNCIMAN is believed to be an occupational surname, it seems unlikely that they would match the Borders/Lothian lineages.

Inventive indexing prizes today go to ancestry census transcribers:
Breniman and Raucreman made it a bit more of a challenge to find some of the above RUNCIMAN families.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

21st: Perthshire; Lineage renumbering

Patriarchs page has had another update - realised the family of John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN wasn't included. It now is, with at least one of the many Robert Munro RUNCIMANs that seem to exist. Not sure how many chaps of this name do exist, but there appear to be several over several generations, or possibly several married more than once.
The associated places for these gentlemen are: Coupar (Angus), Edinburgh, Hamilton (Lanarkshire), Gosport, Bedwellty (Glamorgan), Waltham Forest, Epping;
and associated wives' surnames: BRODIE, SANGSTER, JEFFERY, PUGH.
Should a descendant of any of these be willing to join the dna project, the line in New South Wales, which is believed to have "daughtered" out, would love to hear from you to help place this lineage into the jigsaw.

In addition to the update above, Lineage 1's charts have been tidied up a bit (more to come) to incorporate the William of Crail and Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) RUNCIMAN lines into the one from Robert & Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN.
This does mean a change to lineage numbers, this being renumbered to Lineage 1b. (May not be reflected on the supplementary pages as yet).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

20th: Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN

Patriarchs page has been uploaded to include a few more twigs on the summary chart for the families believed to belong to Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN
The DNA project is still looking for a representatives from each of their sons (apart from John), to try and confirm the families do indeed fit together as shown.
Should you know of any direct male line RUNCIMAN who may be interested in helping the project we would love to hear from you.
Contact links on the bottom of the project pages.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18th: Welcome

Decided to rationalise the project diaries for the RUNCIMAN DNA and One Name Study projects into the one.

History has been migrated, but the old blogs remain in place in case any links point at them - however they have not been edited to ensure it is clear whether they reference the DNA or the ONS project, which remain, and will continue to remain, on separate web pages.

Friday, November 5, 2010

4th: George & Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN

Took a while, but the family of Alexander & Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN mentioned as beginning to be included back in June, has now had some of the branch of George and Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN included, with links to the researcher(s) and dna pages as appropriate.
Most of the others mentioned on the Recently changed page are merely there because their source data references were checked and tidied up.

An even briefer descendant summary for George and Janet's family has also been included on the DNA Summary Patriarchs page, oriented to lines who may be able to furnish a dna project representative for this line (ie a direct male line RUNCIMAN descendant of George).

Thursday, November 4, 2010


A very brief descendant summary for the family of George and Janet (DARLING) RUNCIMAN has now been included on the DNA Summary Patriarchs page.
As it is oriented to lines who may be able to furnish a dna project representative for this line (ie a direct male line RUNCIMAN descendant of George) those interested in some of the others in the family may care to look at the RUNCIMAN One Name Study pages instead where a slightly fuller chart, but still incomplete, is included.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Confirming signature

New results just in provide a confirming signature for the line of Thomas and Isabella (CRAIG), Thomas being a descendant of Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE), and at 37 markers, show an exact match to the Earlston/Wanton Walls line of David and Margaret (BROWN).
Supplementary pages have been updated, including the overall chart providing a theoretical lineage 1.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Possible lineage 1 linkages?

The summary results page has been updated to include the last two sets of results (lineage 1).
In addition the patriarchs page has had a link corrected and also now includes a brief outline for one of the Perthshire RUNCIMAN lines, that of Alexander and Elizabeth (BOYD), some of whose descendants emigrated to Ontario. Within Scotland associated places were Errol and Inchture, Perthshire; Orwell, Kinross; Penicuik, Midlothian.
This looks like the line of Robert (Bob) RUNCIMAN MPP Leeds & Grenville, Ontario.
As usual, a representative for this, and any other, line would be welcome.

Take a look at the new theoretical dna signature chart for Lineage 1.
All suggestions on how to better link up the related families welcome.

This blog: the labels for posts are in the process of being converted from full names to forenames for RUNCIMANs and surnames only for those who are not - purely to save space in the list of labels.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lineage 1 results added

Full 67 marker results are now in for Peter (R-12) and Jim (R-10), and show in the overall grid for the Supplementary pages.
Their individual pages have also been updated to include the genetic distances to their matches.

Still to come: the dna signature chart update to include them in the overall picture (theoretical), as the Family Tree DNA Time Predictor isn't yet showing the percentages.

We now have excellent matches between four lines in Lineage 1: that of William of Crail (with East Lothian descendants), the Runcimans of Earlston and Lauder (Wanton Walls), and now also Alexander and Janet (HENDRIE) of Meikle Pinkerton (ELN), and Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) of Dunbar.
Mostly however they are represented by a sole participant. Distant cousins of those already in the project would be gratefully received to clarify and confirm how to link these families up for the DNA Signature.

To join the project, read the information about testing available on our summary pages on the World Families Network, and click the Order link from there to ensure that you are getting the discounts available by testing through a surname project.
Some of the lines we are particularly looking for at the moment, (but all are welcome) are shown in our Wanted! pages.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lineage 1c & d

Although only preliminary results are in for two of the new kits, Jim (R-10) and Peter (R-12), it does rather look like we have a match with Lineage 1.
The supplementary project pages now include Lineage 1c and 1d to reflect this.
This has also led to Alexander (marr. Janet HENDRIE) being added to the pages and an extension to the Wanted! chart for Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON), given that we now have a bit of a conundrum to solve.
Representatives for each of the suggested sons of Thomas and Jean are being sought to help clarify the dna results so far received.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

15th: Progress report

Another of the outstanding kits has reached the lab.
Must have been just in time for the week's batching as both (R-12) and the earlier one back, (R-10), are in batch 369, with first results scheduled for 27th August, final by 10th Sep.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dunbar family & transcripts

Check out the updated RUNCIMAN One Name Study (ONS) pages.

A couple of updated entries have been added to the researchers list (one not yet linked to his main interest, the George RUNCIMAN who married Janet DARLING, primarily because the family hasn't yet been included in any detail).

The main changes have been to start including the family of Alexander RUNCIMAN & Janet HENDRIE of Dunbar, at least down to the Thomas who married Jean/Jane/Christina SIMPSON.

Also now included are the Dunbar Old Parish Register (OPR) transcripts done by Barbara that were originally published on Steve Gibbs' Rootsweb Mailing List introductory pages.
Links have been added to families already included in some form on the ONS pages.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

26th: Sale extended

Family Tree DNA have extended the time period for ordering kits at the discount prices until Jun 30th - so still time to be in and find where your RUNCIMAN line "fits".
Read the details in the blog for the 5th.

Summary result page has been updated with placeholders for the three kits ordered as part of the sale and hopefully winging there way back to the lab - details to follow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16th: Two more kits ordered

The project has grown by two, details later once results are in.

Still 9 days to go to get your order in at sale prices - much too good an opportunity to miss.
We'd particularly love to hear from you if your RUNCIMAN line is not yet represented.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9th: Temporary email glitch

Be aware that the project email address (RuncimanDNA) is currently undergoing a bit of a gmail glitch, hopefully temporary.
Should it bounce, try again later!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

5th: Family Tree DNA Summer Sale

Now would be an excellent time to jump in and represent your RUNCIMAN line in the Surname DNA Project.
Our testing company, FamilyTree DNA, have announced a "sizzling summer sale" which reduces the already discounted test prices available via the project by a further $40US.

Bullet Y-DNA37 for $119 (Regular price would be $149)
Bullet Y-DNA67 for $199 (Regular price would be $239)
Bullet Y-DNA37+mtDNA for $159 (Combined test would cost $238)

The promotion will start June 5 and will end June 25. Kits need to be paid for by June 30, 2010.

The 37 marker test would be the minimum to determine which, if any, of the existing documented lines you may belong to.

To make sure that any order is at the above prices, use the Join Project links on any of the project pages:

Supplementary pages

Summary pages

There are still several known Borders lines that are particularly being sought, so we would love to hear from you, or any other RUNCIMANs from anywhere interested in their past.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

23rd: 1911 Census

As I was researching a family that were from Ireland*, and there weren't that many RUNCIMANs in the Irish 1911 census, a distribution map for 1910/11 has been added (1910 because the States have 1910, but UK, Ireland and Canada have 1911).
The first set of entries included show what Irish counties had RUNCIMANs - all of 3 counties, and 12 people over 7 families/households.

A RUNICMAN search engine has also been included on the site.
It is set to only search the One Name Study, the DNA Project Portal (all projects sorry, not just Runciman), their related project diaries, the summary DNA project, and my own personal web pages.

* Anyone out there with an interest in the family of Alexander RUNCIMAN and his son Christopher (marr. Anne ROSS) from Cork?
I found Christopher's son Christopher and daughter Eveline in Islington, London in 1901 when looking for someone else.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16th: Lineage 2b created

Not yet sure if we have a glitch in the Thomas & Mary (REDPATH) RUNCIMAN line or not.
Our rep for this line is haplogroup R1b1b2 but doesn't match those participants already in that haplogroup.
The prior Lineage 2 has been renamed Lineage 2a and Thomas and Mary are now Lineage 2b.
Both supplementary and summary pages have been updated to include the new results.

Given these results, the project would really like to hear from other direct male line RUNCIMANs on any of the potentially related lines to validate this, and other signatures.

To join the project, follow the information at the Summary pages Join link.
Testing is cheaper if done via the project, and subsidies may be available for eligible candidates of particularly wanted lines.
Contact the project administrator for more information.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27th: Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN

The ONS pages have been updated to include a few more notes on the (assumed) family of Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN.
Still to come, further details on the lines of Alexander (marr. to MANDERSON) and George (marr. to Janet DARLING).

Monday, April 26, 2010


Research on one William I couldn't find in England where expected in 1911 led me to an emigration record of a William, no further information on

The Canadian Archives end of the journey showed that he wasn't the chap I was looking for but did lead to a line of RUNCIMANs from Campsie, Stirling, with connections to Kirkintilloch (DNB).

End result is that the (very few) extant Stirling R*N*M*N* births/baptisms to be found in the OPR index have been included in the Name Distribution map for Births to 1854, with a page being added for Stirling (STI) showing the surname variants/date analysis.
All 18 births/baptisms, with 7 variant spellings between them, over two, probably related, families.

However, not included in the analysis for example is a variant noticed as part of this research - RUNCH. The Campsie family mentioned above appear in two census entries indexed as RUNCH, and not in the ScotlandsPeople census index extracted using R*N*M*N*.
So maybe the transcribers of the census got that one correct!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lineage 1 - theoretical dna signature chart

The Lineage 1 DNA Signature Charts page has had a very, very theoretical first cut at how to join up the two genetically linked lines of William of Crail and David who was the forebear of the Wanton Walls and Earlston line.

Thomas and Jane (Simpson) Runciman

Read the intro for Thomas and Jane (Simpson) Runciman and make up your own mind as to whether or not there are two separate Thomas and Jane families or not.

Better still, if you are direct male-line descendant of any of the sons shown here as possible descendants, please follow the project join link and help us (dis)prove the theories (at least 37 markers, preferably 67).

Or if ineligible to join, ie not a direct male line Runciman descendant, try and find a candidate who is, and/or contribute to the kitty to help subsidise kits for wanted participants.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another kit at the lab

Crossed fingers for a match with one or t'other of the represented lineages and no glitches along the ancestral paths as we now have a kit in progress for the line of Thomas and Mary (REDPATH) RUNCIMAN.

Summary pages updated to reflect the kit in progress, and to include the remaining panels of Kevin (R-8)'s results (one of two matching representatives from the line of William of Crail, and an excellent match to the Earlston/Wanton Walls lines).

Check out the Wanted! pages every so often for other documented lines where direct male line RUNCIMAN representatives are needed to test assorted theories on how the lines may, or may not, link up.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As promised

Wanted! pages now include a brief lineage for some of Thomas and Mary (REDPATH) RUNCIMAN's family, along with a linkage to Thomas' likely parents, Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN who married at Dunbar in 1783.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wanted! update

Another direct male RUNCIMAN line has been added to the Wanted! chart for Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE).
Given the recent unexpected dna match we are now even more curious as to whether or not William of Crail and Thomas married Alison GRIEVE, can be proven, or at least not disproven, to be the sons of Robert and Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN.
So, a dna candidate from any of Thomas and Alison's lines would be most welcome to join the project - subsidies may exist for a documented descendant willing to take up this challenge.

Read about dna testing in general, Family Tree DNA tests in particular, and if interested in adding more placed pieces in the RUNCIMAN jigsaw, and comfortable with the process, follow the join project links and order a test, or the webmaster links on the project pages for more information.

Tests can be as anonymous as you wish. Those showing by name on any of the above pages have agreed to be so shown, but results can be simply displayed by a kit or project number, and need not be publically linked to any particular tree.
Although we all hope that any RUNCIMAN being tested will of course match one or other of the known trees, this is by no means guaranteed.
Things happen now, have always happened in the past, and will always happen in the future to confuse family historians and genealogists. That's life.
In dna circles, a non match is usually called a NPE (non paternal event). If a non match is found, it doesn't change who you are, but may of course cause you to regard whichever of your unknown ancestors may have been responsible in a new light!!

Two other lines will be added to the Wanted! lists shortly (when time permits):
- Thomas and Mary (REDPATH) of Innerwick and Dunbar, Thomas being the son of a Thomas and Jane (possibly SIMPSON),
and also that of a Perth line,
- John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN of Inchture ++.

Researcher added; Perth; Thomas (GRIEVE)

Time for another update.
Another researcher, and her branch have been included.
Diana would like to hear from you about Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) RUNCIMAN, and the DNA project would like to hear from you if you are a direct male line RUNCIMAN descendant of this family as we wish to test a theory that Thomas is the brother of William of Crail.

Some progress made on analysing OPR births in Perth, but only for a few of the parishes so far (Inchture, Kilspindie done, Perth started).
Total Scottish OPR births (ie pre 1855) per county so far are ELN (293), PER (220), BEW (151), MLN (86) AYR (1)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fisher folk and farmer folk DO mix

DNA results just in show an excellent match between our newly represented line, that of William of Crail. The two representatives, Jim (R-7) and Kevin (R-8) are a 12/12 (so far) to each other, and Jim is showing as a 66/67 match to one of the descendants of the Wanton Walls Runcimans, and a 65/67 match to the other.
This rather ruins a theory of mine that had so far held true over various families, namely that the fisher folk and the farmer folk tended not to mix and match.
The supplementary pages have been updated to include preliminary results and links for these new findings.
Much more research and speculation is now needed to try and figure out how on earth these two genetically linked families are likely to connect in practice.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Researcher list, Alexander the painter, Wanton Walls line

Two more of the William of Crail researchers have been added to the Researcher list.

As one was interested in whether or not Alexander RUNCIMAN the painter may or may not be connected, the painter has been included on the Notables page. Interesting how just a brief search for information on him gives conflicting information (death date, father's occupation). No conclusion reached on any connection to known lines.

In addition, the Wanton Walls lineage has had the beginnings of a descendants chart added to the Identified Family Groups - can't have William of Crail getting all the attention .
This update also includes David RUNCIMAN, D.D. from the Wanton Walls line in the Notables index.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yet another East Lothian pedigree

Patriarchs page updated to include an outline pedigree for the line of Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN who married in 1783 at Dunbar, East Lothian.
Notes about some of the family have already been included on the Runciman One Names Study (ONS) pages.
It would seem highly likely that there is a link to the family of Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) RUNCIMAN, given they were all around the same places at the same times.
Hopefully, there's a willing representative out there to join the dna project and prove this theory.
Click on the Join Project link to read about how to join, and to order a test (37 markers minimum, 67 preferred), after reading the background about DNA testing in general at the links on the top lhs of that page.
Testing is cheaper if you join via a project.

New family group posted

Another line of RUNCIMANs has been added to the "Identified Family Groups" tab, that of Thomas and Jean (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN of Dunbar and Innerwick, East Lothian.
This lot was prompted by Ros looking for someone else, picking a likely name in the phone book, and finding what looked like a Yorkshire and Durham based family who had spread their wings to Australia.
Didn't take much digging from the information supplied to trace them back to Dunbar and Innerwick in East Lothian however.
A dna candidate would be good as it looks a good guess that there would be a match to a couple of the existing lineages.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to link William of Crail and Thomas (GRIEVE) of Dunbar?

If interested in what has been updated, remember to check out the Recently Changed index in the top rhs menu.
The last updates were primarily to document the identification of possible linkages between William of Crail and the Thomas married to Alison GRIEVE.
Along with some examination of the claims that their possible father Robert may have been born in 1703 (I don't agree, for the reasons outlined on Robert's page).
Data extractions continue, with a whole 2 births registered in New Zealand up to 1854 (see the Name Distribution menu).
Also as preparation for the DNA project's Wanted! pages, more information has been provided on the descendants of the above Thomas marr. Alison GRIEVE.

Thomas & Alison (GRIEVE)

The Wanted! pages have been updated to include a descendant chart for Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) RUNCIMAN.
As stated, a participant is particularly wanted to test a theory that this line is also that of William of Crail, both being sons of Robert and Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN of Dirleton and Prestonpans.
Candidates look a little sparse on the ground at this stage.
Links are included to/from the Runciman One Name Study(ONS) as available.
Patriarchs page updated to include the outline Lineage 4 pedigree.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More of the same

As per the 8th: Name Distribution tab now also includes the name variants from a few more parishes: North Berwick (ELN), a couple from Aberdeenshire: Carnie, Aberdeen.
None to be found in Caithness, and only 1 in Ayrshire.
A couple of additions to the researcher index, and another patriarch, most definitely wanted in the DNA Project, Thomas the patriarch of the line of Sir Steven RUNCIMAN and his Sir Walter forebears.
This line, may, or may not match that of William of Crail.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Distribution/researchers/new patriarchs

Name Distribution tab now also includes the name variants from the first three East Lothian (ELN) parishes (Athelstaneford, Bolton, Dirleton).
In addition, a researcher index has been added (others welcome, contact the web mistress, link in footer of the ONS pages), and a couple more patriarchs, both represented in the DNA Project, George the patriarch of Lineage 1, the line including the Earlston Weavers and Wanton Walls farmers, and James the patriarch of Lineage 2

Sunday, February 7, 2010

7th: Name distribution

The preliminary results of my experiments on how best to show where the Runciman and variant names can now be found are on the Name Distribution tab.
Selecting an item from the legend at the left hand side of the map will open the related bubble, which contains a brief summary and a link to where more information may be found.
The first set of results are for current names in Ontario, Canada.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bit more flesh on the bones

Some placeholder entries have been included for Sir Steven Runciman and family, primarily because they are indeed some of our Notable Runcimans, and because they have not yet been included on the Patriarchs page of the DNA Project, nor represented in it.
Given their origins, it would seem likely they match up with Lineage 1c and it would be good to see if this pans out.

The next set of records being analysed for RUNCIMANs and variants are the Old Parish Records (OPR) for East Lothian births.
Check out the ongoing analysis at Runciman: ELN (SCT).

And for a bit of fun check out the Notables index for Plantagenet RUNCIMAN, who turned up in a web search today. Wonder how come he ended up with that surname?

Friday, February 5, 2010

One step further

Keep getting sidetracked as I see what can be found for the pedigree of the latest two recruits, Jim (R-7) and Kevin (R-8), but in the meantime place holders exist on the Patriarchs page, and Supplementary pages to show Ros is researching this line, and would like to verify the paper trail which links them back at John & Jean (BARRIE) RUNCIMAN of Dirleton, East Lothian (ELN), with John being the son of William & Elizabeth (JAMIESON) RUNCIMAN of Crail, Fife (FIF).
With this line's subsequent connections to Dirleton we are curious as to whether or not there will be a match to Lineage 2
The summary result page has also had a tidy up behind the scenes to make it easier to maintain, so please forgive any outstanding formatting problems as this process continues.

There must be plenty of other RUNCIMAN lines out there able to be represented to see how this jigsaw fits together, check out our Wanted! pages every so often for those particularly being sought at the moment, but even if your line is not listed there, do come and join us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd: Dimenna

Don't think it would ever get registered as a true surname variant of RUNCIMAN, but this latest inventive bit of indexing is taking rather too many liberties methinks: DIMENNA.
No wonder I had to work a bit harder to find Thomas and Louisa (SHELDON) RUNCIMAN in the 1901 census (Ely, CAM).

Sunday, January 31, 2010

31st: Registration approved

My registration of the RUNCIMAN Surname One Name Study (ONS), has been approved by the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS), and recognised variants likely to be added for RUNCHMAN and RUNCIEMAN. Possibly also RUNCIE, after a re-reading of Black's Surnames of Scotland, and a quick check of the Surnames of England and Wales ONS site showed that there weren't that many of them around.

The RUNCIMAN ONS web pages have now had an updated to fill in the previously blank stubs for the home page, and the section on the Name Origins, the latter being mostly thanks to the late Steve Gibbs' Rootsweb RUNCIMAN Mailing list intro page.
An analysis of the entire OPR Marriages indexed for Fife, Scotland has also been included - all 12 of them, 4 of them being one chap marrying twice being recorded under a different surname for each wife!
This chap is also the first shown in the Identified Family Groups index.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

30th: Patriarch page revamp

The Summary Patriarchs Page has been revamped, but no new pedigrees yet included.
It was a tidy up of the code behind the scenes to make it easier to maintain, all in readiness for adding the details for our Lineage 3, or possibly 2a, for the two new kits in varying stages of making their way to the lab.

In addition, there's a new link on the top rhs of this blog, that for the Runciman One Name Study (GOONS registration applied for).
Thought it was about time I brought some order to my rather contact driven research and it should provide a searchable repository for the data collected over the years.

With this recent burst of activity, it's time to try and find representatives for some of the as yet un-represented lines. Must be plenty more out there, and available people to represent them.
I did a search of the Surnames of England and Wales - ONS list, plugging in RUN*MAN, although I didn't actually expect to find any other variants still in existence, putting most of them down to the idiosyncrasies of parish clerks in years gone by.

The database is an extract from the Office of National Statistics database, and contains a list of surnames in use in England, Wales and the Isle of Mann in September 2002, having been established in 1998, with births since added, but deaths not taken away, grand total, 54.4 million people, but only nearly 270,000 surnames (those with less than 5 occurrences having been excluded).

RUNCIMAN comes in with 446 names, ranking 12,425th,
RUNCHMAN is still in existence with 77 names, ranking 39,021th and
RUNCIEMAN also still exists, with 61, ranking 44,978th.

So, out of those 584 people, someone must be interested, mustn't they?
And that's only England, Wales and the Isle of Mann.

Friday, January 29, 2010

30th: Web site established

You have presumably found this blog because of an interest in the surname RUNCIMAN.

Check back regularly for the latest news.

The RUNCIMAN Surname One Name Study (ONS) web site has only just been established, and is very much a companion site for the RUNCIMAN Surname DNA Project.

All contributions welcome.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

William RUNCIMAN of Crail

And another participant in the project.
R-8 and R-7 would like to prove the paper trail that links them at John RUNCIMAN and Jean BARRY of Dirleton, John being the son of William of Crail, a fisherman drowned in 1765 (by 1768 his children are recorded as being in North Berwick).
Will be interesting to see who, if any, of the existing RUNCIMAN families they most closely match.
Pedigrees will be added as time permits.