Monday, March 15, 2010

Wanted! update

Another direct male RUNCIMAN line has been added to the Wanted! chart for Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE).
Given the recent unexpected dna match we are now even more curious as to whether or not William of Crail and Thomas married Alison GRIEVE, can be proven, or at least not disproven, to be the sons of Robert and Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN.
So, a dna candidate from any of Thomas and Alison's lines would be most welcome to join the project - subsidies may exist for a documented descendant willing to take up this challenge.

Read about dna testing in general, Family Tree DNA tests in particular, and if interested in adding more placed pieces in the RUNCIMAN jigsaw, and comfortable with the process, follow the join project links and order a test, or the webmaster links on the project pages for more information.

Tests can be as anonymous as you wish. Those showing by name on any of the above pages have agreed to be so shown, but results can be simply displayed by a kit or project number, and need not be publically linked to any particular tree.
Although we all hope that any RUNCIMAN being tested will of course match one or other of the known trees, this is by no means guaranteed.
Things happen now, have always happened in the past, and will always happen in the future to confuse family historians and genealogists. That's life.
In dna circles, a non match is usually called a NPE (non paternal event). If a non match is found, it doesn't change who you are, but may of course cause you to regard whichever of your unknown ancestors may have been responsible in a new light!!

Two other lines will be added to the Wanted! lists shortly (when time permits):
- Thomas and Mary (REDPATH) of Innerwick and Dunbar, Thomas being the son of a Thomas and Jane (possibly SIMPSON),
and also that of a Perth line,
- John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN of Inchture ++.

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