Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Annapolis, Nova Scotia

Most of the recent change index entries can be ignored. They are part of a behind the scenes database merge, and resultant tidy-up - particularly because the attempt to make the indexes rather more informative resulted, initially, in the wrong version of the names being used on the person pages. Should be remedied now.

The new information is that for George, dry goods merchant of Annapolis and his link back to his Haddington family.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More inventive indexing entries

Another couple of entries for inventive indexing: Rancineau, Runciran, both from the same 1930 Michigan census entry.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The background rationalisation of what is where continues, still hopefully seamlessly to anyone browsing the assorted RUNCIMAN pages.

Links on the Summary Patriarchs Page have been checked and corrected so that:
- any DNA Testee link goes to their personal page in the Runciman DNA Project
- any (R-n) link goes to their result line in the Summary Result page
- any other name/lineage person link takes you to the One Name Study Lineage page for that person

The Links menu item on the One Name Study pages now incorporates all of the non DNA links that were on the DNA Surnames page for the RUNCIMAN Surname.

All of the above being necessary as the pages grew in a different order, and it makes more sense to have the One Name Study as the "master" pages.

Remember to check out the One Name Study Recently Changed index, as from here on, it should indicate new information as opposed to data shifted from one place to another, although any republish of the pages may include more people in assorted charts without this being reflected in the change index.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Conversion complete?

The Lineage section of the One Name Study pages now also includes those researchers from the DNA project that were missed in the initial update, and the Wanted! pages have had a bit of a tweak from that converted over from the DNA pages. Should now more clearly show which lines still need a representative, and which need clarifications etc.
This should have brought all of the person and lineage information that was (and probably still is for now) on the DNA pages over to the One Name Study pages, as well as making any associated lineage info reflect the current state of my data.
In addition, given that a lot of our current discrepancies between paper trails, hopefully informed guesses, and dna evidence, are in the tree of Alexander & Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN, a set of basic information on that family has been uploaded to MyHeritage to see if anything useful pops out of the SmartMatches from that site. (You'll have to search for Alexander, born abt 1695 as it doesn't open at him.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Site revamp

The One Name Study, and DNA project pages have been revamped, hopefully seamlessly from a user viewpoint.
A Lineages section has been added to the One Name Study site where all, you guessed it, lineage information is available - as opposed to Analysis information which is organised by area and country rather than actual people and lineages.
The Wanted! section from the DNA project has been moved to this Lineage section, as have the remnants of the researcher list from the DNA project.
The DNA project pages will now only hold the skeleton of a tree to highlight what the dna results are showing as to who is related to whom.
There are no doubt several links I've missed, and more tidy up of the sources and person pages required, but the bulk of what was available before is still there, along with more lineage information.
With this rationalisation of what database drives which web site, future updates should be a lot easier.