Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The background rationalisation of what is where continues, still hopefully seamlessly to anyone browsing the assorted RUNCIMAN pages.

Links on the Summary Patriarchs Page have been checked and corrected so that:
- any DNA Testee link goes to their personal page in the Runciman DNA Project
- any (R-n) link goes to their result line in the Summary Result page
- any other name/lineage person link takes you to the One Name Study Lineage page for that person

The Links menu item on the One Name Study pages now incorporates all of the non DNA links that were on the DNA Surnames page for the RUNCIMAN Surname.

All of the above being necessary as the pages grew in a different order, and it makes more sense to have the One Name Study as the "master" pages.

Remember to check out the One Name Study Recently Changed index, as from here on, it should indicate new information as opposed to data shifted from one place to another, although any republish of the pages may include more people in assorted charts without this being reflected in the change index.

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