Sunday, February 7, 2016


Nothing like an update to include a list of unidentified RUNCIMANs from the 1851 census to spur the research.
The following day Ann RUNCIMAN was placed into the family I believe she most likely belongs to, and removed from the list.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lineage site update

Don't get too excited by the changes shown under Recent Changes > Latest Lineage Changes
Most, if not all, are part of a tidyup to ensure WikiTree is the WebLink provided given that's where most of our collaborative RUNCIMAN activity is these days.

Have YOU included your RUNCIMAN data there and connected up your pedigree to any existing trees as appropriate?

The Descendant Charts however are likely to contain updates, just not indexed as such, and you will notice that each place mentioned on a person's page now has little place icons.
If two icons exist they should work well, the first to Google maps, the second to OpenStreetMap, but if there's only one, it's currently a bit hit or miss as to where you'll land up in the world  - being worked on :)