Thursday, June 16, 2016

BigY update/Sale time

Two of the BigY kits have now completed at least their preliminary placement on the tree.
Still both at I-Z60*.
The third, Jim (R-10) 's has only just started processing atYFull.
Our fourth BigY test results are expected next month from FTDNA.

David's has yet to finish the remainder of the processing at YFull, and the YFull tree version recently published only included kits prior to his, so we still live in hope that refinements of the I-Z60 tree will ensue.

All of this activity is on the matching RUNCIAMN lineages in the I1 haplogroup.

What about the R1b RUNCIMANs?
The current Father's day sale at FamilyTreeDNA would be a good time to get all at at least the same level of testing (Y-DNA67) for better comparisons.

Or for any unrepresented branches to venture forth.