Friday, March 12, 2010

Fisher folk and farmer folk DO mix

DNA results just in show an excellent match between our newly represented line, that of William of Crail. The two representatives, Jim (R-7) and Kevin (R-8) are a 12/12 (so far) to each other, and Jim is showing as a 66/67 match to one of the descendants of the Wanton Walls Runcimans, and a 65/67 match to the other.
This rather ruins a theory of mine that had so far held true over various families, namely that the fisher folk and the farmer folk tended not to mix and match.
The supplementary pages have been updated to include preliminary results and links for these new findings.
Much more research and speculation is now needed to try and figure out how on earth these two genetically linked families are likely to connect in practice.

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