Sunday, January 31, 2010

31st: Registration approved

My registration of the RUNCIMAN Surname One Name Study (ONS), has been approved by the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS), and recognised variants likely to be added for RUNCHMAN and RUNCIEMAN. Possibly also RUNCIE, after a re-reading of Black's Surnames of Scotland, and a quick check of the Surnames of England and Wales ONS site showed that there weren't that many of them around.

The RUNCIMAN ONS web pages have now had an updated to fill in the previously blank stubs for the home page, and the section on the Name Origins, the latter being mostly thanks to the late Steve Gibbs' Rootsweb RUNCIMAN Mailing list intro page.
An analysis of the entire OPR Marriages indexed for Fife, Scotland has also been included - all 12 of them, 4 of them being one chap marrying twice being recorded under a different surname for each wife!
This chap is also the first shown in the Identified Family Groups index.

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