Saturday, January 30, 2010

30th: Patriarch page revamp

The Summary Patriarchs Page has been revamped, but no new pedigrees yet included.
It was a tidy up of the code behind the scenes to make it easier to maintain, all in readiness for adding the details for our Lineage 3, or possibly 2a, for the two new kits in varying stages of making their way to the lab.

In addition, there's a new link on the top rhs of this blog, that for the Runciman One Name Study (GOONS registration applied for).
Thought it was about time I brought some order to my rather contact driven research and it should provide a searchable repository for the data collected over the years.

With this recent burst of activity, it's time to try and find representatives for some of the as yet un-represented lines. Must be plenty more out there, and available people to represent them.
I did a search of the Surnames of England and Wales - ONS list, plugging in RUN*MAN, although I didn't actually expect to find any other variants still in existence, putting most of them down to the idiosyncrasies of parish clerks in years gone by.

The database is an extract from the Office of National Statistics database, and contains a list of surnames in use in England, Wales and the Isle of Mann in September 2002, having been established in 1998, with births since added, but deaths not taken away, grand total, 54.4 million people, but only nearly 270,000 surnames (those with less than 5 occurrences having been excluded).

RUNCIMAN comes in with 446 names, ranking 12,425th,
RUNCHMAN is still in existence with 77 names, ranking 39,021th and
RUNCIEMAN also still exists, with 61, ranking 44,978th.

So, out of those 584 people, someone must be interested, mustn't they?
And that's only England, Wales and the Isle of Mann.

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