Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bit more flesh on the bones

Some placeholder entries have been included for Sir Steven Runciman and family, primarily because they are indeed some of our Notable Runcimans, and because they have not yet been included on the Patriarchs page of the DNA Project, nor represented in it.
Given their origins, it would seem likely they match up with Lineage 1c and it would be good to see if this pans out.

The next set of records being analysed for RUNCIMANs and variants are the Old Parish Records (OPR) for East Lothian births.
Check out the ongoing analysis at Runciman: ELN (SCT).

And for a bit of fun check out the Notables index for Plantagenet RUNCIMAN, who turned up in a web search today. Wonder how come he ended up with that surname?

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