Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Possible lineage 1 linkages?

The summary results page has been updated to include the last two sets of results (lineage 1).
In addition the patriarchs page has had a link corrected and also now includes a brief outline for one of the Perthshire RUNCIMAN lines, that of Alexander and Elizabeth (BOYD), some of whose descendants emigrated to Ontario. Within Scotland associated places were Errol and Inchture, Perthshire; Orwell, Kinross; Penicuik, Midlothian.
This looks like the line of Robert (Bob) RUNCIMAN MPP Leeds & Grenville, Ontario.
As usual, a representative for this, and any other, line would be welcome.

Take a look at the new theoretical dna signature chart for Lineage 1.
All suggestions on how to better link up the related families welcome.

This blog: the labels for posts are in the process of being converted from full names to forenames for RUNCIMANs and surnames only for those who are not - purely to save space in the list of labels.

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