Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lineage 1 results added

Full 67 marker results are now in for Peter (R-12) and Jim (R-10), and show in the overall grid for the Supplementary pages.
Their individual pages have also been updated to include the genetic distances to their matches.

Still to come: the dna signature chart update to include them in the overall picture (theoretical), as the Family Tree DNA Time Predictor isn't yet showing the percentages.

We now have excellent matches between four lines in Lineage 1: that of William of Crail (with East Lothian descendants), the Runcimans of Earlston and Lauder (Wanton Walls), and now also Alexander and Janet (HENDRIE) of Meikle Pinkerton (ELN), and Thomas and Alison (GRIEVE) of Dunbar.
Mostly however they are represented by a sole participant. Distant cousins of those already in the project would be gratefully received to clarify and confirm how to link these families up for the DNA Signature.

To join the project, read the information about testing available on our summary pages on the World Families Network, and click the Order link from there to ensure that you are getting the discounts available by testing through a surname project.
Some of the lines we are particularly looking for at the moment, (but all are welcome) are shown in our Wanted! pages.

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