Monday, November 22, 2010

22nd: Alexander = Alexander; Indexing inventiveness

The patriarch page summary for John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN has been updated to add a few twigs and combine the two Alexanders.
In addition a link has been included for John to his page in the RUNCIMAN One Name Study, where there are a few notes for both John and the one, or two, Alexanders, together with a descendant chart.
Suspect that if dna participants were found, that even if descendants from both of the partners of Alexander matched, that they would not necessarily match the currently defined lineages.
Their ancestry appears to go back some generations in Perthshire, and as RUNCIMAN is believed to be an occupational surname, it seems unlikely that they would match the Borders/Lothian lineages.

Inventive indexing prizes today go to ancestry census transcribers:
Breniman and Raucreman made it a bit more of a challenge to find some of the above RUNCIMAN families.

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