Monday, April 26, 2010


Research on one William I couldn't find in England where expected in 1911 led me to an emigration record of a William, no further information on

The Canadian Archives end of the journey showed that he wasn't the chap I was looking for but did lead to a line of RUNCIMANs from Campsie, Stirling, with connections to Kirkintilloch (DNB).

End result is that the (very few) extant Stirling R*N*M*N* births/baptisms to be found in the OPR index have been included in the Name Distribution map for Births to 1854, with a page being added for Stirling (STI) showing the surname variants/date analysis.
All 18 births/baptisms, with 7 variant spellings between them, over two, probably related, families.

However, not included in the analysis for example is a variant noticed as part of this research - RUNCH. The Campsie family mentioned above appear in two census entries indexed as RUNCH, and not in the ScotlandsPeople census index extracted using R*N*M*N*.
So maybe the transcribers of the census got that one correct!

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