Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mapping UK births

The following picture is more an indication of where my lineage searching has taken me than an accurate portrayal of where all the actual RUNCIMANs (and variants) were born in the UK (sorry, the package being used for this only covers the UK - extending this mapping approach to the rest of the world is a work in progress, as is this UK one).

The methodology used was simply to take all R*N*M*N* primary names in my database, export a gedcom to GenMap, and map the births to counties (pre-1974 boundaries).
As yet, all the places from the database that turned out to be too ambiguous or incomplete for GenMap to recognise have not been investigated, but I was pleased enough with the preliminary result I decided to include it here.

The darker the green, the more births that occurred in the County. Given the preliminary nature of this, the key showing the actual numbers is not included.

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