Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Runcimans can leap centuries at a single bound !

aka BigY update.

You may recall that our matching Lineage 1 lines were stuck at a haplogroup of I-Z60*, ie negative for known subgroups, this branch of the yDNA haplogroup of mankind being given as forming 4,700 years ago, with 4,300 years to the most recent common ancestor.
Two of the lines had completed processing at YFull, and a third uploaded but not yet complete.

That's the old news.

YFull have published a revised tree:
You will note that there's a new sub branch for I-Z60.
Time to most recent common ancestor for our trio has leapt from 4,300 to "only" 750 years ago.
Lineage 1c's YF06319 has not yet completed processing but there's obviously enough information already analysed to create our own subbranch, SNP I-Y22033 which he shares with the already complete Lineage 1b (William of Crail) and 1d (Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton).

The BAM file for the fourth lineage (1a, Wanton Walls line) has now arrived, and YFull provided with the link today.

Possibly a little optimistic to expect yet another new SNP and a leap to 400 years ago?

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