Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DNA Surnames RUNCIMANs updated

Check out the updated RUNCIMAN lineage pages.
I finally had time to catch up on a lot of the data missing behind the scenes.
There is probably no different information available on this site than scattered over the rest, but hopefully it is helpful to have access to it all in one place, or at least links to where it all is, and the format etc is so much easier for me to do updates as and when needed, with the potential for future additions.

If you spot any mistakes, or items you'd prefer shown differently, or not shown, just let me know, these pages are for the benefit of the RUNCIMAN Surname Project.
Also check out the Wanted link. If you have a particular family you'd like to see represented there, send me a basic outline gedcom, (no data on living people please), and it can be uploaded.

Even better, if you are an eligible representative of any lines shown under any of the Wanted links, there are some new test discounts available until the end of December.
Check out the details on the WFN pages for further details, looks like about $30US off.

I am aware that there are likely some missing or inconsistent links still to be fixed, particularly once you get into the haplogroup charts, so please bear with me while I continue tidying up behind the scenes.

And, yet again (3rd time), I've requested that Google stop marking this blog as spam. Each time it gets unlocked, it gets marked again straight away. Grrrr. However, I'll persist with this format for the project diary for a while yet as I really like the ability to filter by labels.

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