Sunday, May 6, 2012

Runcimans Where?

Those listed on the Recent Changes for 6th May are all newly included on the One Name Study pages but not new lineages.
Decided it was time to get a few more pins on the map!
As the introduction for the lineage location page states this map is distinct from the map(s) in the Analysis section in that it involves individuals as opposed to summary place/surname data.
Both place pages have been added to the sidebar menu for easier access.

The former shows only birth (green) and death (red) information for those included on the site where these places have been geo-coded - a growing number, but a lot yet to come.

Zoom in for finer details and click on the balloon to see who is associated with each place shown.

Where births and deaths occur at the same place you may have to zoom to the closest level possible to see both coloured balloons.

Suggestions for people (no longer living) to include to show the dispersion of the RUNCIMAN surname across the globe are welcome, e.g. the first of a branch to reach a new country/county/state.
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