Friday, July 27, 2012

Bit of a catch up

It's been a while since the RUNCIMAN ONS Lineage pages were published.
That doesn't meant that nothing happened behind the scenes, just that updates to the web were lagging behind.

Checking the Recent Changes index shows that the update just published newly includes some info on the William RUNCIMAN, Esq. of Birchmore House, near Woburn and his mysteriously disappeared-from-view grandson Philip, last seen in New York.

The next family newly included is that of James RUNCIEMAN aka RUNCH of Kirkintilloch, then Campsie, Stirling. The family did eventually seem to settle on RUNCIMAN as their surname!

A couple of John RUNCIMANs have been given a page of their own, as there has in the past been some confusion over which John RUNCIMAN belonged to which family.
One to William of Crail's line, the other to Thomas and Alison (CURRIE) RUNCIMAN.

Not shown in the recent changes index will be any background additions to assorted descendant charts.
One known change is the inclusion of a few more descendants of Alexander and Joan (MANDERSON) RUNCIMAN. Anyone know what happened to their 3*great grandson Alexander in Portland, Oregon? Son of Alexander RUNCIMAN and Geneva MARTINDALE?

We've also extended northwards with the inclusion of some of the Aberdeen family of Andrew and Jane (DOWNIE) RUNCIEMAN/RUNSIMAN.

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