Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Artistic bent

Alan spurred off a new round of activity on some of the artists in the extended RUNCIMAN families.
We had believed that both Alexander and brother John had died childless. Wrong, at least in Alexander's case!

The snippets Alan unearthed have been tracked down, and the family of the artists extended back a generation to that previously known, and down one to a mysterious John, who may, or may not, be surnamed RUNCIMAN, a silversmith in London before 1802.
There's also a reference to a nephew needing support when Alexander died in 1785 (Edinburgh). Possibly a son of his sister Eleanora?

The Woburn RUNCIMANs also had a brief revision, with the mysterious Phillip's death located by Lawrie.  What happened to his assumed wife Ellen - the lady with him in the 1870 New York census?

The One Name Study pages have been updated to reflect the above, and the last few month's changes.

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