Saturday, October 12, 2013

Monumental error!

(Thank you Alan for the phrase.)

Those of you checking off the more recent updates may notice Jane(t) RUNCIMAN nee PREACHER/PRITCHARD's page, with picture of her headstone in the Peebles Cemetery.

This has been included for a reason.
Her SKINNER surname is rather misleading.
I've concluded that the headstone has to have been erected long after the fact, and that her death cert. was used to derive her maiden name, but rather hurriedly read.
Jane's father was a Thomas PRITCHARD, his occupation given on Jane's 1904 death certificate was skinner (journeyman).
The photo did send us all scurrying to our records to review our data, but as Jane is baptised to the correct parents as Janet PREACHER, appears as such in the 1841 census with her father Thomas, is indexed at her 1847 marriage to Charles as PRITCHARD, and her death is indexed as Jane RUNCIMAN, other surname PRITCHARD, I think it is reasonably certain that her name was not SKINNER.

Yes, I've been using capitals for the surnames intentionally here, although I do not always do so. Pity the death certificate didn't.
Or perhaps there's a family story yet to come to light?

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