Saturday, October 12, 2013

ONS lineage section update

Along with the One Name Study updates mentioned in the last post, the lineages section has also been republished to bring it up to date with the (few) published updates from the last few months.
Yes there has been a lot of activity, but most of it has been behind the scenes, eg trying to identify dna matches from respective FamilyFinder results.
Yes we are still very much interested in finding direct male line dna representatives for the assorted RUNCIMAN lines either with puzzles, or yet to be represented, but these days we aren't as restricted to Y-DNA for our DNA findings.  

Read about the various tests and join the project here.
Y-DNA 37 is our recommended minimum for the direct male line, although Y-DNA 67 is preferred. The project also welcomes anyone with a RUNCIMAN, or variant surname, in their ancestry to join us and do the FamilyFinder test.  Although this latter s a far less direct way to prove connections there are a growing number of us with results able to be compared and all data is grist to the RUNCIMAN dna mill.

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